Fair Opportunity Project’s College Application Guide is a free resource currently being sent to every public high school in the U.S. We believe that all students should have free access to the best college application and financial aid information out there, regardless of background. We organized a team of 20+ college students, 7 advisors, and 200 high school counselors from across the nation to help achieve that. The guide has been reviewed and praised by many of the nation’s leading college admissions committees across the nation. We are hoping that you can spread word of the project in your community.

The guide can be accessed at fairopportunityproject.com, and we’ve also attached the PDF. To be clear, this is an independent project and no one is making money from it. We just believe students’ ability to pay for outside resources shouldn’t influence the quality of college application information they receive. We’re very excited to offer a guide of the highest quality, and are trying to take a step toward leveling the college application playing field. Your publicity can help make that happen.

Associate's Degree

Students that are interested in pursuing an Associate's Degree from WCC while in high school, should talk with the representative, Josh Floyd, from WCC for a detailed plan.