November is National Scholarship Month!

This month is dedicated by the National Scholarship Providers Association as a time to raise awareness of scholarship opportunities for current and future college students. November is also an excellent time to begin the scholarship application process if you have not done so already. Many scholarship providers are posting new scholarship information and competitions for the next academic year and November is also an ideal month to dedicate some time to finding scholarships for the current and coming academic years

For additional information, please visit or see Mrs.Brady in Student Services.

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2023-2024 Program of Study

Click below to review the 2023-2024 Program of Study for information on courses available, diploma types and graduation requirements, as well as information on our CTE Programs.

If you are interested in learning more about WCC Dual Enrollment classes or the Associate's Degree Program, please contact Josh Floyd, CCHS Dual Enrollment Coordinator through WCC, via

As always, please feel free to reach out to your grade-level counselor at anytime!

2023-2024 Program of Study

CCHS - CTE Career Connector

Senior Google Classroom


Please use the link in your student gmail account to join the CCHS Senior Google Classroom. This is where you will find ALL information, that is Senior related!

As always, for any questions you may have, please reach out to Mrs.Brady!

Postsecondary Opportunities for High School Students

To prepare Virginia’s students for postsecondary education or to meet employers’ expectations of candidates for entry-level jobsHouse Bill 1299andSenate Bill 738(2022 General Assembly) charged the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) with collecting information that assists high school students in making more informed decisions about their futures after graduating from high school. This ensures that such students are aware of the costs and benefits of different educational and certificate programs.

This page provides information on preparing, applying, and paying for college, as well as information on degrees and labor-market career projections.(Click the link below to access this information)

As always, please reach out to your grade-level School Counselor in Student Services to assist you with planning your future or any questions you may have!

Level Up Virginia!

Planning your future can be overwhelming! Visit the resource below, for all your post-secondary planning needs! Parents and students can have an opportunity to review this process together, using this tool!

As always, please see your Grade-Level Counselor for any questions, concerns or assistance you may need!

Transfer VA - Your Credits. Your Degree. Your Move.

What is Transfer VA?

Transfer Virginia provides transparent, accessible, consistent, and current information to students throughout the college selection, enrollment, and transfer process. You can research, plan, and organize your college and transfer journey using the information and resources available within this portal from Virginia’s participating institutions.
The full release in March 2022 brings more institutions and features to the portal.

Visit Transfer VA TODAY!

*Please see your Grade Level Counselor in Student Services for additional information!*

WCC Information Corner

  • WCC 2023-24 Dual Enrollment Advising Sessions

    • Any student (or family of a student) taking dual enrollment courses
    • Students and families can sign up for a 30-minute advisement session
    • Evening sessions will run from 5 – 8 p.m.
    • Sessions will be in fall (Oct. 10, 17, and 18; Nov. 14 and 15) and spring (Feb. 20-21, 27; Mar. 19-20, 27)
    • 2023-24 Dual Enrollment Advising Sessions Registration Form

Mrs. Sharpe (Ms.Wood) is our on-site College and Career Coach from WCC! Mrs. Sharpe (Ms. Wood) is located in Student Services and will be on Campus MWF. Feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with her to discuss FAFSA, the college application process and more! She is an excellent resource. As always,your grade-level counselor is available to assist!

Students also have access to our Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Josh Floyd for assistance! Please see your grade level counselor for his contact information.

General Information, Scholarships and Updates

Local Scholarships will begin posting to the CCHS Student Services Scholarship Tab in February of 2024. Please check back!

Please see Mrs. Brady with any questions you may have!

SAT/ACT Test Dates and Prep Info. - 2023-2024

SAT/ACT Test Dates & Info. - 2023-2024

*Click Below for Test Prep and to register online!*

Students interested in taking the SAT or ACT, should register using the link below. Please keep in mind that many colleges/universities have continued to waive their testing requirements for the SAT or ACT for current High School Seniors who will attend college/university, Fall 2024 or have changed their policy all together. I would encourage you to contact the college/university you plan on attending, before registering.

○        SAT Registration/Dates 2023-2024

■   Test Prep

○         ACT Registration/Dates 2023-2024 :

■   Test Prep

VA Workers Permit

If you are under 16 and would like to obtain permission to work, please visit the link below to apply for a VA Workers Permit. You must be at least 14 to apply. Please see your Grade-Level Counselor with any additional questions you may have.

CLICK HERE to apply for a VA Workers Permit